The Late Greats

Hair is your aerials.

Liptauer—so close to Lipitor. (at Metzger Bar and Butchery)

The missing link between Elliot Gould’s Phillip Marlowe and The Dude himself, Jeffery Lebowski.  Exciting.

Rainbow over Richmond.  @littleearsmusic and I have a blessed union. (at Saison)
Thank you @akord for an amazing birthday present for the little Cheech.  All this and then some. (at Castle Robertson)
If you’re gonna sign a credit card receipt, always make sure they know who the eff you are. (at Quaint Restaurant)
@dexterdazzo is working the phones, y’all. (at Imperial Woodpecker)

“Michael Fertik, the founder of, also supports the existence of a right to be forgotten that is enforceable against Google. “This is not about free speech; it’s about privacy and dignity,” he told me. “For the first time, dignity will get the same treatment in law as copyright and trademark do in America. If Sony or Disney wants fifty thousand videos removed from YouTube, Google removes them with no questions asked. If your daughter is caught kissing someone on a cell-phone home video, you have no option of getting it down. That’s wrong. The priorities are backward.””

Bill Cosby Pt. 1

This is marvelous.

If the other side doesn’t say Dolls, there should be a creative meeting. (at Grey New York)

Vanity Fair: Nicolas Cage Says the Best Night of His Life Involved a Full Moon and His Father’s Ashes

This is something.

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He likes the warm feeling, but he’s tired of all the dehydration. (at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium)
I’m coming for you, 1 Tennis Place.  Let’s do this.

“And then, there are the egos. Dan LaCivita, president at Firstborn, says people are unhappy in agencies because advertising seems to attract egotistical people. “There are difficult people to work with in any industry, but I honestly think our industry as a whole has more than our fair share of assholes,” he said. “The people writing racist, sexist and awful comments on websites are the bottom of the barrel, and they’re employed, which means they’re making a whole bunch of other people miserable too.””